Hey, Hi, Hello!

I’ve been dreaming of starting up my own blog for a while now, and as grad school – and the hectic work load that comes along with it – is coming to a close, I’ve decided that it’s finally time.

I’ve been a student of literature for five years of my life, but that doesn’t mean my only interest is in the classics! I love to read– everything and anything I can get my hands on. I’ve always really enjoyed getting recommendations from friends, as well as reviewing books for a close knit group of friends. The idea for this blog is that it’s going to be a place for me to review and recommend books, authors, and genres – there are so many books in the world, that you just can’t read them all. Let me do some of the footwork for you!

The plan so far is to blog about the books I’m reading, and about my other experiences in the literary world. But the reason this blog is called Books and Blank because, although reading is my favourite thing to do, I’m also interested in writing, cooking, television, and more, and I hope to integrate all of my interests into this blog.

I would love to connect with other bloggers who share similar interests: puns, percolation, and prose!


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