We need a plan, Stan

So I got myself a blog, and then I immediately wondered to myself: what next? How do I go about making this an interesting collection of reviews and anecdotes? How do I keep people interested? How am I going to find something to talk about every single week?

I spent the weekend mulling over these questions (while ignoring the final paper that’s looming over my head) and I came up with a schedule that I’d like to adhere to over the next year.

Sundays I will post a book review, whether it’s of a book I’ve read in the past, one of my favourites, something I just finished, etc. In these reviews I will try to gesture toward other reading material that you might enjoy, if you were into the first book, as well a to hopefully start up conversations with my followers (when you get here) about the books.

Thursdays I will be posting under the “blank” category of Books&Blank. It might have to do with book events coming up in the city (Toronto, if you must know), or a fun hobby I decided to try, or even a random thought I had in mind that day. Thursdays will be very free form.

I’m also thinking that, because I have so many wonderful friends who love to read, I’ll be doing a monthly guest post (likely the last Thursday of their month) about their favourite novel/poem/short story  or maybe even showcasing some of their writerly talents. Who knows? I can do what I want – It’s my blog.

That’s it for today. First review will be published next weekend.

Until next time: Happy Reading!


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