Upcoming Events

Hi all! Due to the fact that I’m still in the midst of finishing up my final paper for this term, this will be a rather brief entry. I just wanted to give an update of some of the things coming up in the city over the next month or so.

First – Inanna Publications is hosting their Spring Book Launch on April 29th in the Kensington Market area (you can check their Facebook page for more details). I only recently discovered Inanna Publications, which is a feminist press here in Toronto. They publish a variety of genres, from fiction to poetry, as well as a literary journal of women’s studies, and are most interested in giving voice to (new) Canadian women writers. These are all things I’m 100% for, as you’ll soon come to realize. Canadian literature has too long been dismissed by popular culture, unless you happen to be Margaret Atwood, and I for one am all for encouraging new Canadian authors.

I’ll quickly mention that I’m most excited for two books in the launch: The Girl Who Was Born That Way by Gail Benick and Bear War-den by Vivan Demuth (links below). The former is about sisterhood, memory, and immigration. Anyone interested in Holocaust lit or Immigration lit would be advised to check it out. The latter follows a park warden, immersed in nature, who begins a spiritual journey guided in part by the talking skull of a bear, a la magic realism of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I imagine the novel is written in the traditional theme of haunting in Canadian Fiction (check out Watson’s The Double Hook if that sounds cool to you), and also might follow along closely with Ecofeminist critiques put forth by Val Plumwood (I could write an entire post on her book, the Mastery of Nature, but I won’t bore you with theory, though I really strongly recommend reading some of her work).

Needless to say I’ll be picking both of these books up and will be reviewing them in future posts.



This actually turned out to be a longer entry than I expected, so I’ll save some of the other events until they’re a bit closer on the calendar, and instead just remind everyone that Authors For Indies Day is coming up on May 2nd. Don’t forget to support your local independent book stores and authors and help Canadian literature continue to thrive! Click on the link below to find the official website and a list of participating stores, and which authors will be frequenting them.


Until next time: Happy Reading!


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